10/15/2018 Kirtan Kriya

As time travels set it free.

Sat Nam


10/15/2018 Tratakam


As you go


Be aware

As you create


You are creating









Always beating

In my heart


I pluck

Your strings


I give life

To every life


Drawing you near

Centering your being


Inside this moment

You shall every be


Intrigued by happiness

Careful to see


My Truth

Is present always


Guiding your journey

Into each cave


Come out now

You are here to stay


On this earth

Delivering my presence


Exposing my Light

Clearing every darkness


Simply by breathing

As you remember my love


My life

Is blossoming


My life

Is blooming


My life

Nurtured by your heart


Every creation

You love so much


To heal each one

Requires a neutral touch


With my Word

With my Light


Being still

Remembering my name


A love so great

It is free to fly


Away from you

To become One with you


Your life known

By my heart


I carry you

As I love you so


I spread your wings

I give you flight


I fill your heart

With my song


Sing my love

Sing as you fly


Freely loving

Freely giving



To be One



To create Oneness


Create my wisdom

Create my freedom


As you live

Remember my love



In a new direction


The past

Is looking behind


See now

Experience this moment


Sat Nam