12/08/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Run with the wild dreams in your heart.

Sat Nam


12/08/2018 Tratakam

Every energy

Is my energy


Which do you prefer

High or low





I live free

From ups and downs


I am not your happiness

I am not your misery


I am here

To guild you to neutrality


To be neutral



A gift

Give to yourself


In every moment

Choose to be neutral


You will fly

As you are flying now



Through peace


What is within you

Can be heard in all


Give each a voice

Listen from your heart


Slowing down

Feeling safe


Can you deliver

The human race


In each chaos

Can you be still


Can you be

What others fail


Letting go of fear

You will take the leap


Into my flow

No bottom can be seen


Will you let go

You can feel your wings


I believe

In your heart



In You


Feel your love

Being exposed


Trust me

I am there with you


Allow the unseen

To be seen by All


Allow the unknown

To be known by All


Through neutrality

Give my vibration to All


My experience

Is your heart


My love

You are my love


Where there are steps

Fly again


Be the wind

As you create flow


Be the earth

As you create my life in all


My Light exists

As your life


Be your brilliance

Be your stillness again


Sat Nam