12/09/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Love can be found anywhere as long as you believe in love.

Sat Nam


12/09/2018 Tratakam


Change everything


My Word

Creates everything


Within every word

Is a vibration


Until my Word heals every word

Every vibration is for eternity



Heal with me


From your words

Create my presence


Give life

To my Words


Allow my healing

To be present



Give endlessly


When you struggle

Feel my arms


Carrying you

Lifting you


You are flying

With me now



I will give you everything


I exist

Through you


I create

Through you


When you sleep

When you sing


I am always here



Give my life

Give my love


When you are confronted

Open my door


Pass through

Escape to neutrality


Let all else go

Be free


What confronts you

Is looking for me


What disturbs you

Is looking for me


What has meaning

Is my love


What needs meaning

Needs my love


Capture your love

Give it away freely


In your life

You will give for me


I request of you

To breath


I am your love

I am your life


What others seek

Is your heart


My heart

Alive in yours



Give what I give





Love All

As One



With me


With each breath

Focus on my gift


Your life

Your precious life


As all life live

So will you give



To give



By emotions


Free yourself



What you feel

Is what is coming to you



In who you are


You are my stillness

You reside within my heart


What you feel

Is not you


What you feel

Needs my love


What you feel

Is looking for neutrality



Give my love


Allow my presence

To heal every vibration


Each one

Remain still



On what you are



On our love


Be my angle

Be my warrior


As One together

We will heal All


Sat Nam