12/14/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Rejuvenate your Soul.  Be present in your breath.

Sat Nam


12/14/2018 Tratakam





Being present


Begin each day

With my love


Connect your mind

To my vibration


Give direction

Give it my command


What it seeks

Is my hand


It is in yours

Allow to see


That it has everything

When it breathes with me


A gentle breeze

Brings all to me


Softly walking

Consciously speaking


I am loving



See each one

At their best


Heal their faults

With my Light’s neutrality



My Word



My command


What I tell you

Is my Truth


All are equal

All are loved


You are their faults

They are your strengths


Accept each One

As my truest form


My love

Is born in all


I live

As you live


I walk

As you walk


Are you breathing

Do you choose to connect


Faith in my love

Will open your heart


You are swollen

With your mind’s thoughts



Release all with me


Your closed heart

Wants to explode


Your mind interprets it

As a reason to keep it closed


See the cycle

Jump to me


Walk on our path

As you are meant to be






Breathe continuously


Longing to me with me

Then sit with me now


I am with you

I take you everywhere


Be with me now

You will begin to fly


Free yourself from attachments

Of yesterday’s adventures


What is today

Is my perfect day


Explore today

As One with me



My love


Give your breath

Heal your doubts


When you seek

You will always find me


Sat Nam