12/15/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Experience today.  Let go of yesterday.  Walk as your breath.

Sat Nam


12/15/2018 Tratakam


Is necessary


Longing comes

Without Infinity


As your breath

As your guide



What you send


Closed eyes

Will be opened by me


Your eyes

Are mine


Walk as your Truth

In the face of blindness


Carry yourself



Turn to me

When darkness comes


I am your Light

I will guide you


Look into my eyes

I am the center of every darkness


When you see me

My love will appear


My Light will be visible

Because you choose to see


I am everywhere

Everywhere is me


Darkness gone

My Light is everything


Smile at all

Be as patient as I am


Every moment

Give to yourself


When you love

You have everything


When you long

You have nothing


You are to be

My love in every heart


Choose to see

That you are everything



Everything that can be


A chance to live



A chance to fly




My love



As my love


So many worlds

Will unite in One song


My Word

Creates Infinity



As a songbird



As a master


My love

Walk with me


Sat Nam