12/19/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Begin neutrally.  End neutrally.

Sat Nam


12/19/2018 Tratakam


Empty your mind


I am with you

I have your hands


Enter each day

As the battle I choose


Be victorious

As you are born to do





Every moment

You are aware


To sit

When you long to fly


Be patient

Allow me to drive


You will be fulfilled

Open your eyes


I am here

I am filling you


With my Light

You shall go


In every direction

In every dimension



Filled with love


Awaken your body

Begin to feel


Let go

Be free from life



Is so much more


Each task

Repeated by many


Create everything new

See differently


You believe

Show your Truth


Expose your life

As you live alone


You seek

As You will sought


You are welcomed

By All


Sat Nam