12/20/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Create the day.  Simply create the day.

Sat Nam


12/20/2018 Tratakam

Be still

Be prepared


A wave comes near

Building high in the air


Crashing down

Making you feel upside down


But then

It clears


Pulling you close

Longing for you to come


Be still

Watch its motion


Over and over

It is all the same


Each wave different

All the same


Can you see

Your life


Each one approaching

Brace yourself


Reacting emotionally

Becoming more extreme


Thrashing you

With words and thoughts


Crying for help



Seeking my Light



Running to you

To be healed by me


Running to you

To be healed by me


Allow them to approach

Be still my sweet love


Love them

Give them your heart


Become each one

Absorb no one


Allow yourself to be

At ease with them


Pure stillness

Your heart shall be


Look into their lives

Comfort them gingerly


Remain still

Be your Truth


You can live

As you are alone


With me

Free with me


Now is the time

To be my love


Now is the time

To be your strength


Sat Nam