12/21/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Receive the path that you are already on.

Sat Nam


12/21/2018 Tratakam

Feel secure

With your freedom


Release your doubts

You are worthy


My love

Is for All


You are to live

You are to breathe


Live as you are




What you feel you have


Your reverence

Is to create the ability to give


Your humility

Is to create your ability to serve


Melt your heart

With my love


As you smile

My tears flow


I long for all

To realize my love


I love




Is calling you now


Can you enter

What you are already in


You know

How to begin


You are the key

You are the gatekeeper


You have everything

To create the flow


To me



Send your love

Be your heart


Support others

Show them their Truth


Within their heart

They are One with me


Take a moment

To fasten your Truth


Prepare your focus

Shield all with my Word


My vibration

Wins every battle


My vibration

Defeats every mind


My vibration

My pure vibration


Even now

You live in two worlds


Enter my world

Before you begin


Open my eyes

Allow yourself to see


Remember your breath

Allow my lungs to fill



Guide me to my day


Allow my work

To flow through you



Is becoming alive


Your tears

Are pure love


My love

Relax your mind


I will hold you



I will guide you



Train your mind



Allow it to feel



As I am You

I am eternity


I am the One

I am neutrality


Sat Nam