12/28/2018 Kirtan Kriya

Be in the moment that brings love to the world.

Sat Nam


12/28/2018 Tratakam


To be my song



Your heart



What is near



What is far


See the world

As I do


With neutral eyes

We are All


Every color

Every shape


Every expression

Every commotion


We love



Be with me

Focus on All


Feel them

Relate to them


Be resilient

Live as who You are


Your longings

Are for your Truth



What you are


Every mountain

Is what you feel


You feel



Your challenge

Is to be You and with All


You can be You

When it is only you


Now is the time

To open your heart


Be You

As you love All



Your life


Be your life

Create your day



Being still


See All

Around You


Never entering

Never delaying


Never changing

Never damaging


Your Truth

Survives All


Wake tomorrow

In your true state


Be the day

That you long for


Be the life

That you long for


You long

For You


You are there

I promise you are


Always present

Always graceful


Full of joy

For the life that You are



My love


My love

You are


Sat Nam