04/12/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Wisdom is revealed in that moment that the One takes your hand in order for you let go.

Sat Nam


04/12/2019 Tratakam

You see

Only when you see me


Understand Infinity

Realize that you have always known


I have always known you

I will forever know you


Before I have always been

Beside I shall always be


When you feel my presence

Trust that you are Infinity


Embrace that moment

Allow it to be free


Silence the mind

Return to neutrality


Tears are ended

Ears are freed


My life

Is awakening


Welcome it

Guide it


When I am near

Command your mind


Your heart

Is to remain open


Your eyes

Are to remain calm


Your life

Is to remain my life


Feel free

To feel joy


You are free

You are with me


Your eyes dance

Your heart defines


Every life

Is Infinity


Bow to divinity

Speak to its kind


As you are

You are to be


Every encounter

You are to serve


An ecstasy occurs

When you release your heart


I have spoken

You have heard


My love

You are to serve


Sat Nam