05/28/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Believe in your ability to be free.

Sat Nam


05/28/2019 Tratakam

I understand

Everything that you feel


What I ask

Is for you to release


I ask

It is your choice


You are in charge

If you let go of control


Present your Soul



Quiet your mind




I am with You


Your Truth

Will be revealed


I am here

Waiting for You


Every breath

I give to You


Every breath’s wisdom

Is your choice to behold



I ask of you



I am giving to You


My love

Face your day


See your life

Recognize your fears


Seize opportunities

Defeat challenges


Overcoming yourself

Is the first thing you must do


Take the first step

The rest will be for two


For Us

United at last


My glance

Will immediately be seen


My love

Will become your every cell


You already are

Everything and more


Leave behind

What serves you no more


Leave behind

What never served you



Gives you your first breath


Release your attachment

To this breath



With me



Full of meaning


Acknowledge your life

See your Truth


My love

Will be


Move on

Walk with me


A cherished song

Forever remembered


Will you hear

My Word each day


A new song

Each day


My Word

Every day


My vibration




Is to receive each day


Sat Nam