06/04/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Be in the moment of creation.

Sat Nam


06/04/2019 Tratakam

My Light

Is your shield


Radiate my Word

Create your presence


What takes you away



What keeps you strong

Focus on


Your shield

Is my Light



On your truth


When others are near

Do you choose fear



That I am in every heart



On my love


The darkness of others

Is to be cleared


I am love

Be involved



By my Light


Remain close

Remain neutral


Your life

Is full



Give your Truth


Every vibration

Leaves its presence


My vibration

Is my presence


Which vibration

Will you leave behind


My love

Is my presence


You feel

As I am


Create the opportunity

For All to grow


To feel

To expand


To feel my love

Is a gift


My divine shield

Clears every path



A moment to realize


That all You are

Is my love


Sat Nam