06/05/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Begin each thought with the breath.

Sat Nam


06/05/2019 Tratakam

In this world

There are so many





All must be healed

All must be One


Life begins

With my love


Life continues

With my love


Life ends

With my love



I am always


I am with All

As I am with You


Be with me

Show me around


Play the game

Choose your ground


To begin with love

Is to choose my life


To begin with judgement

Is to choose to be blind


You can see

You can feel



Your gifts are real


In this life

You are to believe


Overcome your fear

That your gifts create hate


Be the gift that you are

Be who you are


When others judge



Be who you are

Love who you are


Defending darkness

Is not your path


Heal each darkness

With who you are



Remember your love


Others will judge

Others will question


If you remain your Truth

There is only One answer


My love

Heals All


My love

Transforms all darkness



Is not giving my love



Absorbs negativity


Reflect my Light

Defend your Truth



Your Truth is my Name


My child

You are so many


As you sit

Rest your mind


Many will tire you

If you are not You


Reside in my love

Rejuvenate your Soul


Be what You are

Feel my love now


My love

Radiates from your heart


Your heart

Is my song


Sat Nam