06/17/2019 Kirtan Kriya

In life there are two directions, with the universal flow, or, against it.

Sat Nam


06/17/2019 Tratakam

An overabundance

Is a hinderance


Refrain your desires

Live simply


You are living

Where are You


Relax the mind

Breathe with me now


See your creation

How do you feel


Has wisdom

Been delivered


Silence your mind

Live your Truth now


Each example given

Creates a path


Can you walk

On each path



Forgive yourself


In every life

There are two opinions


Your opinion

The other’s opinion


See each event

Through every vision





What you create

Will linger


You can see

You can feel


What others do

Is for me to contemplate


I need nothing

Except for your detachment


Free yourself

I command You to



Within your breath



As your life



On You


Focusing on others

Closes your vision


Focusing on others

Blocks every flow


Free yourself

Share your vision


Free yourself

Share your sound



Your vibration


My love

Released to All


Sat Nam