06/25/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Heal every experience through neutrality.

Sat Nam


06/25/2019 Tratakam

Open your eyes

With neutrality


Be yourself

Be humble



You will find



You seek


I am here

Within every dream


I am here

With you now


I have opened your eyes

I have opened your heart


Within you now

You can feel


My love

My neutral presence


This experience

Is beautiful


This experience

Is to be with you always


In every thought

In every word



My love


Guide each one

Bring them closer


My love

You must be You



That I am with you


Guide my steps

To everyone


Approach each one



That you are bringing

My life to All


Allow each one

To approach


I am to be

With everyone


Be strong

Be neutral


Your life



Your life



Your life

Is for me to live



In your heart


My love

Your life is real


A game

Only to you


Present your Truth

You are to be now


As they see

Feel comfortable with me


Feel your hands

I am in them now


As you relax

You will remain neutral


Enjoy this life

You are beautiful


Sat Nam