07/07/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Every life deserves to receive neutrality.

Sat Nam


07/07/2019 Tratakam

Every where

There is love


Receive it

Feel its warmth


Within You

We reside


When you relax

We come to life



You begin to hear


Our worlds

Are many and near


We live in all

We are here to guide


Receive us

Realize there is more


Letting go

Is the key


Routines and rules

Are not to be received


A stagnant life

Has become the norm


Ignoring your truth

Has become the absolute rule



Has clouded the Light



Has planted darkness’s seed


Be your Truth

Transform with your Light



You experience our love


Opening your heart

You feel darkness nearing



Seeking love


Receive all

With open arms


You are pure love

Heal what seeks the One


Darkness rejected

Strengthens its control


To hear darkness scream

Should make your head bow


God has sent darkness to You

To receive it with His love


You have been created

To love


Caring for all

Will bring Light


God’s Light

Brings sacred stillness



That wins every heart



That opens every eye



That expands each life


Sat Nam