07/08/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Compassion is received by the ones that neutrally love all.

Sat Nam


07/08/2019 Tratakam


Your life



Your heart


Give everything

Except your mind



Your heart



Their minds


Open their heart

Through your open heart


Remain neutral

Remember my Word


Be in my presence

You will be kept safe


Safely free

Free and flowing


Loving each one

As you walk with me


Focus your mind

On our conversations


Keep it humble

Require it to bow


Your mind exists

To connect you to both worlds


Reward it each day

Give it the experience of me


Break its connections

That do not exist


My love exists

All are my love


True protection

Comes from being neutral



Sacred stillness



Remember to breathe


My life

Exists in all



To serve



On what you know


Your heart

Your joy


Your freedom to be

The day I give you


Bless this world

With your freedom


You have been born

To create


My neutrality

Is felt through You


Remain silent

Remember to listen


Silently focus

Remain neutral


Your heart is open

To receive each neutrally


Your greatest gift

Your mind fears


Relax your mind

Teach it to serve





Your life

Is to be who you are


Your life

Is to be free


As we walk

We are always together


My love

You are One with me


Sat Nam