07/10/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Forgive every moment that you are away from your Truth.

Sat Nam


07/10/2019 Tratakam

Begin this moment

See me


Live this moment

Share your life with me


Opening your eyes

Opening your heart


What has been brought forward

Is for my healing touch



That I radiate love


Release everything

That the mind controls


Feel your Truth



Your existence

Is my creation


Enjoy your life

Give me your heart


I live

In every moment


This gentle moment

This is healing


Release everything



Your awareness

Is who you are


Your bravery

Begins each start



Is every roadblock


An opportunity

To create victory


In yourself

In others


Create my neutrality

Create my spiritual warriors


Believe in your Truth

Accept your healing


Letting go

Is a new beginning


Your eyes

Hold me so lovingly



My life


My vibration

Embraces you



In my arms


Sat Nam