07/13/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Be with the One that You love.

Sat Nam


07/13/2019 Tratakam


The One You love



As You exist now


As you began

So you shall return


Surrendering your identity

Until your identity is your Truth



As You do



Heal this world



To be judged



To forgive


In every star

There is that which lifts it


Into the sky

For all to see


A world below

A world within me


Look at me

See me in every cell


Your loving gaze

Creates my loving gaze



As a gift


Opening hearts

Expanding minds


What you have begun

Is for my delight


Humble yourself

Bow at my feet


My feet

Walk as All


My love

I feel your heart


Your love

Illuminates this world


Every life

You see so clearly


A gentle breeze

Unites All


Sat Nam