08/10/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Compassion creates trust.

Sat Nam


08/10/2019 Tratakam

You are




With me


Reach to those

That look away


Silently approach

Vibrate my name


Create my love

Where darkness needs


Be compassionate

To All


Judged by most

Silence your mind


Listen to my Word

Connect to my love


Enjoy each moment

That I create


I am the stillness

That You return to


I am the peace

That You can create


I am

As You are


Command each moment

With my love


Present yourself

As my love


Do You want to live

Do You want to be


Live then

Be your Truth


As the One

I am your every step


Observe in silence

Live in neutrality


Your life

Is to be my song



Vibrate my Word



Vibrate my love



Allow my life to live


Let everything go



Breathe with me

Be my life with me


Sat Nam