09/04/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Believe in the power of neutrality.

Sat Nam


09/04/2019 Tratakam

Let it be

Be with me


What you hear

Listening neutrally


See the message

Know its name


My love

We are loved


Be relaxed

Be neutral


Live this day

Prepare for nothing


Living now

Live as nothing now


Believing in life

Believing in living


Walking this earth

Playing joyfully


Enjoying life

Is neutrality’s way


What is known

Will be unknown


What is unknown

Will be known


Be neutral

Remain steady


My love

Have fun today


Send blessings

Send love


Send humility

Send reverence to All


My life

Is for living


My day

Is for giving


Give this day

A chance


Give my love

A place to be


My love



My love

Cared for


My love



My love






Trust in me

Creates freedom


Sat Nam