09/05/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Take the time to appreciate the life that you are living.

Sat Nam


09/05/2019 Tratakam


Be with your love


Your neutrality

Your spirituality


Just be

And let go


Let go of tiredness

Feel your limitlessness



Feel your love


Feel your love

For yourself


Your life

Your breath


Full awareness

Full reverence


In this life

There is You and you


Be with You now

Be free



Breathe in my love


Exhale everything

That creates want


Command the breath

To let go of control



Be with your love


Your life

Is your life with me


Follow my steps

To create your steps



Lighting your way


At peace

You are free


To live as You

To love as You


I am peacefully waiting

Reach to me now


With every breath

Be with me


Believe you are here

Know that You are


You are always

Living with me


Our worlds exist

As One


Breathe now

Feel oneness


Life is experiences

Enjoy each one


Be my love

Be with each One


Sat Nam