09/06/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Focus on the universe to eliminate the mind’s needs.

Sat Nam


09/06/2019 Tratakam

Wake up

Begin to live


What confines

Is your need to control


Life is living

Where are You now


Under a blanket

Giving hope to yourself



Create what is needed for this world


Create the day

That serves You


Enjoy each task

Do what you enjoy


A beautiful day

Is a day to serve


A day to live

Is a day to bless


Our thoughts together

You can be One


With every being

With every drop of love


Raining on All

Gather each One



What is best for You



What brings hope to You


Walk with me

Choose to see now


Your feet

Are with mine


Fear eliminated

When you choose my love


My love

Is everything


Choose to be

With me


Direct your mind

To listen to me


My breath is in You

My heart beats in You


In this world

You are to be


Giving each one that nears

An opportunity to feel


My love

That is always near


To be with me

Is to receive


Give my love

Give until all receive


Sat Nam