09/07/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Patience will create peace.

Sat Nam


09/07/2019 Tratakam

Be present



Be a participant

Of now


Be aware

Be conscious


Be satisfied




Is where You see



I am to be



To your heart


It sings for me

It guides you to me


Be alive

With your heart


Encourage yourself

To go freely


To where

You are to be



Listen to my song


Your path is guided

Be brave with who you are


Be the reason

Change occurs


Be the ease

That others can find


Be confident

For those that fear


Be relaxed

For those that need


Sing my song

Create peace


Be patient

Allow their storms to pass



Contradicts unconsciousness


Be patient

Light my world


Help them to see

They are conscious too


Remain my stillness

Create opportunities


For what they need

Is to be with me


Open their eyes

They are with me


I am present




Will create my love


Live today

As I guide You to


The world is beautiful

Feel my love


A gentle word

Soothes All


Sat Nam