09/12/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Love gathers all to be present and free.

Sat Nam


09/12/2019 Tratakam


Since birth



Since birth


Hearing my love

Wandering alone



Your life


You are with me

You are never alone


Hearing my Word

You remain at peace


See me

I am with you now



On being present



On what You are


You are

My gift


Remain silent

When storms brew


Radiate my Light

Allow the waves to calm



See from a new angle


What you seeing

Will change forever


If you see

With me


Quietly focus

On your stillness


Remain with me

Remain free


Free from thoughts

That serve none


Free to be

Serving All


Walk with grace

Speak my Word


Smile with me

When darkness confronts you



The minds of others


Creating needs

That will never be reached


Heal this world

Help them to see


They already have everything

If they are able to breathe


A tiny pebble

Filled with so much love


Radiate this world

From the point that You are



Forgive every wave


It is a part

Of what is me


My calm sea

My wave filled ocean


Swimming with me

All are One


Sat Nam