09/14/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Listen to the flow that is telling you to let go.

Sat Nam


09/14/2019 Tratakam


Will never set you free


Serve your Truth

Silence your mind


Your presence

Is required in this world



Let your mind go


Once in my flow

Your mind will be soothed


Happiness in mind

Is a mind that serves



Sit and breathe with me


Where others are lost

You are to walk


You are your Truth

You are my life


You are to live

As I guide You


Where there is friction

Refrain from diction


Go within

Neutralize this world


Focus on my Word

Focus on my love


My message is clear

Begin to listen


Let go of your mind’s emotions

They are limiting you


Your footsteps

Are mine


Be present

See my presence


Relax your mind

Allow your Soul to be


My Light is everywhere

If you choose to see


Your life is now

Your heart is full



Live as my child


Create my Light

Where others create darkness


Help those that seek

Clear their path to me


Sat Nam