09/19/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Enjoy today as the day that is gifted unto you.

Sat Nam


09/19/2019 Tratakam

Have you thanked

The One that created You


Have you given

My love


Have you received

The gifts of the day



Listen to the day


My day will lead you

If you choose to stay


By my side

Within my eyes


Remain present



Where is your breath

Find it now


Stay present

My love is neutral


This moment

Is now


Each moment

Passes instantly


My messages are now



Life is a choice

If you choose to see


Light my world

Lift each eye


Create healing

Create my opportunity to heal


I am seen

When my eyes are open


My love creates

My existence is neutrality


Life is a vibration

Running in every direction


Your life is a gift

That helps each to approach


Approach neutrality

So that I can be felt


You will survive each wave

Be steady and believe


Your presence

Instills the seed of change


Your neutrality

Nourishes each seed


Your life

Gives my life to all


Sat Nam