09/20/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Love today as the day that helps you to grow.

Sat Nam


09/20/2019 Tratakam

Begin your day

In love with all


Live your day

Fully aware


That I am All

I am each heart


Hidden inside

I glow


My Light is there

Find it within


Encourage my presence

To come out


A moment with me

Is a moment with Infinity


Forever remembered

Forever cherished


A single moment

To change this world


Creating love

Where unconsciousness lives



Asking how will you serve


Honor your day

Treat it with dignity


A life that is aware

Is a life that is one with me


Your words are kind

Your heart is clear


You are alive

To live for my love


To give

My love


To create

My love


To be

My love


Open your arms

All are coming near


Vibrations are felt

Remain still


Speak to me

Listen to all


Silence your words

Speak to me


Open your heart

Listen to all


My love

Grows each day


Each day you breathe

Each day you are at peace


Command this day

Share your joy


My love is alive

My love is real


In peace

We find our Oneness


Sat Nam