09/22/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Begin your day with caring for yourself.  Forgive yourself.  Forgive others.  Focus on the love and the Light of the One.

Sat Nam


09/22/2019 Tratakam


You see


When you see

With me


Nothing is known

When I am forgotten


Everything is at ease

When you take my hand


I am always here

If you choose to see


I am supporting you

In more ways than known


An opportunity

A gift


I am giving

I am forgiving


Receive my gifts

Accept my forgiveness


You are perfect

With every imperfection


Your task each today

Is to forgive yourself


Your goal each day

Is to forgive others


As I lead

You are to follow


As you lead

Others are to follow


You know me

You feel my presence


You project my love

Through your love of me


When you feel

Your love of me



You are with your Truth


This is who you are

This is what you are


My love

Is your existence


My love

Is your path


My love

You are everything to me


You are here

To love each day


Be present with your Truth



This is my command

This is why you are here



My love creates peace


Project my love

Awaken my love in all


Sat Nam