09/26/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Give yourself a gift today.  Focus on feeling relaxed and free.

Sat Nam


09/26/2019 Tratakam

The future

Is a daydream


The past

Is a memory


Prepare for living

Breathe now



This moment



This day


Facing each moment

Occurs instantly


You are already living

In each moment


Are you present

In each moment


You can relax

You can enjoy


My Light

Is for you


Honor yourself today

Be present


Respect yourself today

Be graceful


Forgive yourself today

Be patient


Your life today

Will be in my hand


Begin this day

Seeing my Truth



My vision



My love


Remain at peace

Become One with the group


Our love flowing

Our stillness projected


As neutrality

Creation blooms


Sat Nam