10/03/2019 Kirtan Kriya

Focus on the Words that change the world

Sat Nam


10/03/2019 Tratakam


To my dream


Be alive

Be blissful


Read my Words

Become peaceful


Everything stirred

Is to be secured


With your love

With our love


Safely watching

Vibrating our stillness



You are my stillness


Be with me

Change the world


Focus on my presence

Remain what You are


Breathe with me

Rejuvenate your being



Returning to our state


Your life

Must begin


With my breath

With remembrance of me



As we are One


The mind is confined

Release it with subtly


Welcome every one

Be steady with our breath


Our love




Creates our presence


Seek to serve

Seek to receive


In my company

You shall forever be


Be with those that bless

Be with those that curse


In my stillness

We shall unite as One


Sat Nam