01/10/2020 Kirtan Kriya

The energy of the One is always present.  Practice knowing what is already known.

Sat Nam


01/10/2020 Tratakam

Your eyes have seen

Your senses know


All around you

Is my life as You


When you focus

You sing my name


You know

I am here


You know

That I love


Your grace

Will lead the way





The world is coming

Are you prepared


I give you commands

Are you ready to hear


What I tell you

Is what you heart feels



Listen to my Word


You are my flower

Now you must bloom


Present yourself

As I request



As I tell you to


My Word

Fills every cell


As you sing

Every heart will hear


My voice

Known to every Soul



Through every barrier


My Word

Spoken with a pure heart


My vibration

Projected to All


Calmly speaking

Neutrally receiving


Living this day

As I live


Through you

For You


For every life

That I create


Blessing every life

Caring for them as I do


The Light of my being

Radiates through You


Your presence

Is requested



Be still


When you are You

You heal our world


Walk with me




Remember my Word


I am with You

I am always


Your love

Your life


I give everything to you

When you choose to receive


Sat Nam