01/11/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Allow others to see you on your path.

Sat Nam


01/11/2020 Tratakam


What I ask you to



That I speak to you



That I love you


Your mind

Limits you


Free your life

From your mind


Free your Soul

From you


All are here

To walk as One


To be their Truth

The You in each you


My grand plan

For every life


Is to walk with me

As they live their life


To silence their mind

To command their mind


To understand

Why I created the mind


Your mind’s purpose

Is to keep you connected


Your mind’s control

Keeps you separated


Your Soul

Is your life


Your Soul

Is my love


You are my Light

Walking on the earth


Mother Earth

Nourishes You


She calls to you

Offering You her gifts


She gives you opportunities

To receive what I want to give


The Universe

Is my vibration


All Souls

Exists as my vibration


From Mother Earth

To the entire Universe


Your mind can connect You

Your mind can serve You


Your mind

Loves all aspects of you


Your mind protects you

From what you reacted to


In all shapes

And in all forms


Limiting you

From the You that you are


Your mind’s tears

Are my Words that reach your Soul


Be gentle

Be sincere


Your mind wants to be free

Be neutral so that it can be


Feel this moment

Remember my Voice


The heavens are with You

You are the heavens


My Light

You generate


My love

You deliver


Give your mind the opportunity

To unite all that You are


Your love

Is felt by All


Keep your heart open

Create consistency in this world


My love

You are my love in the world


My love’s vibration

Transforms All


Sat Nam