01/12/2020 Kirtan Kriya

In this world there will be peace when all choose to reside and remain within peace.

Sat Nam


01/12/2020 Tratakam


Return to being present



Return to being with me


Breathe deeply

Breathe fully


Fill yourself with my life

Clear yourself of what is not






Receive my life



This present moment


This world begins

As a world that is peaceful


As the minds control

Darkness appears



Only past and future exits


The present is ignored

Consciousness is forgotten


Fears from the past

Fears of what the future may be





Your life is so much more

Silence your mind to see


Show the world

What they are presently


A question

For All


What you are

Is me


Every person

Every life


Realize each Truth

See my Light


When you look

Only see my Light


Can you do it

Will you be neutral


My Light

Is neutral


My love

Is for all


If you bless every life

My life will be known


My love

Living presently in all


If you see the present moment

You will see my love in all


If you live in the present moment

You will see my Light radiating from all


Do you see my Light in all

Do you feel my love in all


Heal yourself

Heal your mind



Your negativity



Your judgements


Words spoken

Are created


Word thought

Are created


Speak of loving all

Speak of accepting all


Create peace

Speak of its existence now


Peace exists in all

Love exists in all


My Light radiates from all

I exist in all


See my Truth

Focus on creating my Truth


Your opinions

Are not my Truth



Is the only Truth


The One that sees All

Is the One that experiences All



As my love


Sat Nam