02/10/2020 Kirtan Kriya

In the moment that you feel life, you will feel the Universe serving You.

Sat Nam


02/10/2020 Tratakam




You are real

Life is unfolding



Is calling you


Rest your mind

Send yourself love


The expansion of the self

Creates many mountains


The world in which you create

Will be healed through You


How many breaths

Before You are present


Stop counting

Simply breathe


To love another

Is to let them be


As they are

They will be


There is a moment

That your mind lives in


Move it along

Give it a rest


The moment is gone

The present exists


What is now

Have you experienced it


Hear my joy Know my love


My child that weeps

Is a child far from me


Love your life

Focus on your love


Where I am

Is where You are


Where I love

Is where You love


Forgive as I do

Forgive All



Prevents my flow



As I am living now


Shared moments

Living as now


Where darkness speaks

Send my love


Where love speaks

Walk to now



Where your heart lives


Dwell in my love

With every breath


Dwell in my love

Live as You are


Sat Nam