02/11/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Neutral words will carry you through your limitations.

Sat Nam


02/11/2020 Tratakam


Is free


My love

Loves continuously


Through every right

Through every wrong


My love

Loves neutrally


Happiness and sadness

Are the mind’s games


When you are free

You live neutrally with me


Every cell released

From the mind’ s control


Pure bliss

Sacred stillness


Alive and aware

In my breath


Every life continues

As they were born to be


Your life

Is always to be with me


As they walk away

Send my love


Guide their departure

With my Light


Your heart

Is to remain open


Your mind

Is to remain neutral



Love every moment you see


The world is happy

In their own life


As One that seeks

Seek within


Fly to serve

Fly to be with me


In every day

Serve with humility


Become neutral

Become aware


My breath serves You

My love



Is always welcomed



Is every heart’s longing


Create neutrality

Breathe with me


Heal your mind

Let everything go



Breathe with me


Ask me every question

Listen to my breath


When you remember me

You have every answer


Remember me

Be with me


Listen to my Word

Listen to reveal your Truth


Sat Nam