03/12/2020 Kirtan Kriya

In your life, you must choose to live with the One.

Sat Nam


03/12/2020 Tratakam

Your life

Is how you are choosing to live it


What are you creating

What are you preventing


Are you living

Are you breathing


Do you hear my Word

Do you see my life


When you listen

Do you hear your mind


Are you serving to live

Or are you living to serve


When the mind screams

You jump


When I speak

You become peaceful


Sit with my Word

To remember my Word


Stay with me

Live through your heart


The moment that you leave me

The mind becomes fierce


Be gentle

Be graceful


Forgive yourself

Allow others to approach


See their sins

Know their heart


I am

Every cell





The rambling mind

Takes everything with it


Be within my presence

Create what you are


Your stillness

Your neutrality


Live in your presence

Be One with me


As you choose to live

You are choosing to create


My creators

My creations


Carry yourselves

Over my ocean


Deliver your Light

My Light within You





Give birth

To my Sound


My life

My love


As you live

You choose to create


Sat Nam