03/13/2020 Kirtan Kriya

The love that is in the Earth is coming forth to You.

Sat Nam


03/13/2020 Tratakam

Your love for me

Is known


In every cell of your being

I am known


Every cell

Radiating my love


Projecting to All

Showering All


With my love

With my Light


The entire world

Embraced in my love



Every eye



Every heart


Calling to All

Awakening All


This moment

With me as You





Surrender your life

To giving my life


My life

Give my love


My world is calling

Are you listening


You hear my voice

As One


Hear my voice

As All



Each cell



My life


My name

That has no name


My form

That has no form


My Light

That is for All


With every encounter

Be my neutrality



What is my life


Every life

Every moment



To remember my love


A single experience

Of my pure existence


Brings forth each Truth

Opening every heart


My life

Brought to each focus


My world is born

From every life


Sat Nam