04/02/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Love can be projected into every heart.

Sat Nam


04/02/2020 Tratakam


Bring your Truth center


I am here

Guiding All


I ask for you to give

I ask for you to share


The challenges I give

Are for you to see


That only I am perfect

Only I am All


I pray for you

To forgive


I give you everything

That you are to share


What you choose

Is how you live


Caring for yourself

Choose to care for All



Gives as I do


I give

Every breath


I give

Every moment


To remember me

Is to honor your life


What you seek

Is to dwell in my love


What you seek

Is what you already have


Act as your Truth

Step out of your darkness



Your life



Your Truth


As you live

Live to serve All


A simple moment

Remembering my life


So much is given

When you remember my Word


My vibration

Creating for All


As you love my life

Remember to love yours


This day is for my Light

Choose to shine brightly


Giving to All

My life


An experience

Of Infinity


Sat Nam