04/05/2020 Kirtan Kriya

In order to heal, you must let go of everything you hold on to, and feel, that in Oneness, everything is living freely as what it is to be. Let go of everything that has never served you. Heal the effects of living in your self-created darkness.

Sat Nam


04/05/2020 Tratakam

Heal your Self

To heal another


What you feel

May only be another


What are you

Where are you from


To live in darkness

Is living shadows


Away from my Truth

Serving your mind


To live in fear

Is to leave me behind


To live in gratitude

Is to serve another


To live

With your heart open


Sharing your heart

To share my Light


I receive what you share



What happens

Is for me to create



Allow my unknown to be free



To flow infinitely



Focus on where we are





Openly giving

To those in need



Where are you now


You are here

Alive from my breath



Know what you are



Focus on love


In order to create consciously

You must live consciously



In stillness



Creating all that is


What is real

Is the Light within All


What is my Truth

Can be found in my Word


I live for All

I love All


As each releases their fear

I live more freely


Knowing life

Giving life


To every moment

I give my love


Sat Nam