04/19/2020 Kirtan Kriya

In the moment that you feel relaxed and at peace, you can feel the Light of the One filling you with everything.

Sat Nam


04/19/2020 Tratakam

You have sent your love

You have sung my Word


Now my love

Now you are to spread your wings


Where you land

Is for me to know


You have been travelling

For eternity


To new lands

That seek me


Who will receive you

Is for me to create



Where I wish to be


Leaving everything behind

Attachment has no meaning


You my love

You walk with my hand


Giving you everything

That you already have


Give your caring

Give your strength


Give my Word

That lives within you


Your Truth lives within you



My Light is with you




On my love


Relax your being

Rest your mind


Be free

To be your kind


My life

Living for me


Free from all

One with All


Free from everything

Filled with everything


My love

My Light



A new site


For some to cherish

For others to ignore



On what is now


Giving life

To life that exists


Reminding all

That we are here to live





You live as

You More than you know


To live with my love

Is to live with everything


Sat Nam