04/20/2020 Kirtan Kriya

We are all both 99% and 1%. When you see someone that you relate to in the 1% with you, then you radiate your love. When you see someone in the 99% with you, then you are repelled by them. You send them judgement and negativity. All want to feel that they are special, that they are in the 1% of all, but in reality, we are both. We are both special and unique, and we are the same as all. If you learn to see the gift of life in all, you will learn to appreciate, to have gratitude for the 100%, which is All. See yourself as 99%. Learn to love the 99% of which you are. In some circles your 1% is your 99%, and in others, your 99% is your 1%. Let your Truth be your 100%. Love what is the Truth of All. Represent the Truth of the One, the Universal Truth of All. May you live this day to be that which you already are, the Light and the Love of the One. Sat Nam


04/20/2020 Tratakam


That you are All


Feel your grace

Feel your Infinity



That you are my everything


You are the trees

That see so far


You are the flower

That sees near


You are the dust

That is carried easily


You are the rock

That sits quietly


To know yourself

Is to love yourself



Forgive what you cannot control



Live as this moment


Live to remember my Word

Live to remember your breath


Every moment in remembrance

Is a gift


Your day is brighter

You radiate my love to others


See your day

As a gift of my Light to others


A glorious day

Sharing my love with others


Caring for others

Listening to others



That I am who they are


Listen to my Name

Know that I am All


In my presence

Radiate my love


Your life with be fulfilled

Your day will be so full



Of everything that is in your heart


Knowing my Name

Sharing my Word


Practice my life

Practice creating peace within


When you sit with me

You become my stillness


You live full

You live quietly


You see with every eye

You see with one eye


You live

As my Light


Radiating to All

Guiding All


Simply living

As your life


Filled with meaning

Living fully in each moment



That all are forgiven


Breath by breath

I give each one


A moment to live

Fully in my love



By my Word



Listen to what can be heard



Listen to what is there


You can find me



As you relax every cell

Breathe fully


Live in this moment

Bring peace to today


Sat Nam