04/22/2020 Kirtan Kriya

When you wake believing that you are the Light of the One, you allow the Light of the One to flow through others.

Sat Nam


04/22/2020 Tratakam

My life

Chooses all


What do you feel

How do you behave


What do you understand

That is not because of me


I give to others

I give to all


To share

To share what I have given


Some share

Some hoard


The ones that share

Are few apart


Some share with a few

Some share with all


The ones that share with all

Happen only when I choose


Unique they are

So few they are


The ones that share with all

Are my gifts to you


They are my children

As all are


They are my creation

As all are


They walk my earth

Sharing what I given


They live each day

Remembering who I am


All are human

All are made by my hand


Do you believe

That you have received


Do you understand

What you are to me



To my Truth


To know

Your Truth



Share my love to you


What you have

Is everything that I give to you


A moment shared

In remembrance with me


Is a moment lived

With me


Creating life

Creating love


Creating an experience

That will be cherished fully


Lifting the mind

Out of its self-created darkness



What is empty



What is full



Living to give my breath to all



My Light



My Love



You are a gift to my world


Sat Nam