04/27/2020 Kirtan Kriya

Love is the ability to be neutral when everything that is near is trying to be far.

Sat Nam


04/27/2020 Tratakam


To the moment


Greet each one




To each word



Focus on the moment


Send my love

Send my blessings


Give each one

A moment with me


Focus on my Word

Create my vibration


See the moment

Be created by me





Deliberate moments

Created by me


Enjoy this day

Have gratitude for your life


The ones that you are with

Are the ones that are with me


As all are in my heart

All are with me


Recognize each child of mine

Give them everything


All of my love

All of my blessings


Relax their moment

Focus on me


Listen to each

Allow them to speak


With their thoughts

With their words


Give them the opportunity

To feel my presence


Give them

The opportunity to feel near


Near to my love

Near to my life


A gentle reminder

That they are everything to me


My love

My child


All that are created

Are created by me


Bring me my children

Light their way


A moment in stillness

Is a lifetime with me



Approach my day


Keep your mind in silence

Listen to my Word today



Breathe with me today



Breathe for All today


Sat Nam