05/17/2020 Kirtan Kriya

If you let go of your mind’s thoughts, then you will feel your divinity.

Sat Nam


05/17/2020 Tratakam


Be with me



Let everything go


Every thought

Every desire


In life you are free

If you allow your Truth to be


Listening to the mind

You will live separately


Be as One with me



Focus on my Word

Live with my breath



You have received my breath



I have given you life



Will give you my sight to see



Is free


A humble being

Lives so free


Free from thoughts

Free from others


Free to live

As One with me


Bless your day

Be free with me



On my Word


Give everything

To my breath


The breath you breathe

Is me


Give me every thought

Free yourself


Practice breathing consciously

Experience letting go


As your mind becomes humble

You will experience your Truth


My life

Your life is so beautiful


See yourself

As I do


When you are free

Your love for me Lights the world


Live here

Live here with me


Be my Light

Be my blessing


Let everything go

Live in my breath


Be One with your Truth

Be separate from every mind


Be at peace

Be neutral


Your Truth

Is the Truth of All


You live here

When you breathe with me


Your Light will bless

Your Light will heal


Be with me

Be my love for all


Sat Nam