02/05/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love as you are free from love.

Sat Nam



02/05/2017 Tratakam

What is my child

Without life


What is my breath

Without my child


I am nothing without you

You are nothing without me


If you can be with my breath

Then you will experience infinity


What you know

You do not know


What you do not know

Of course you know


Free yourself

From simple thinking


As you be

Be a part of me


What heart is filled

With laughter and song


The one that brings

Life to me


A life

That brings life to me


Is my song

Is my love


You are shapeless

You are without form


Live as I do

Live with me


You can be



When you are with me

You are everything


Nothing is your name

Everything is your song


You are my child

You are my heart


You give everything

To become nothing


Without a thought

Without hesitation


You give

Your heart to all


This is your gift

This is not your fault


You live openly

You live from my heart


What others believe

You to be


Is only their word

Which is never my Word


Sing for me

My golden Light


Be as me

In pure joy and delight


Of this world

That I create for you


As you love

I create as you do


Receive my love

On your cheek


Feel each breeze

Catch each glimpse


Of my being

In every vibration


I am you

As I fill you with love


You are free

In my arms



In this reality



With grace



Your face


As you exist

I will too



Sat Nam