02/06/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Take the time to see the unexpected beauty.

Sat Nam



02/06/2017 Tratakam

The song is me

It brings you to me


Which song

The song of me


Can you listen

Can you understand


To who I am

To what I am


This is not a question

This is not a choice


This is a way

To release your mind


Do not question

And do not doubt


I am with you

At this moment


Giving you

What you need


Let go of your mind

Let go of your fear


Your rules

Are never there


They don’t exist

Set them free


Be with me

In this place


Of pure love

Of pure sight


With no limitations

With no hesitations


Moving forward



To be with me

Is to be here now


Enjoying life

Giving life


You must believe

That I give to you


I have taken

In your perspective


Even in taking

You have been receiving


Receive now

What is in front of you


Let go of fear

Of being abandoned


I am with you

I will always be


I never left you

You never left me


I am in all

Not just in one


Allow all

To learn through you


You are not

The only one


That needs to learn

That needs to experience


What I choose

Is for all


There is no mistake

There is no question


Some will run

Some will stay


And be with me

To become



In human form


Your life

Is a gift


Give life

If you are to receive


The blessing of me

To be given to all


I am pure wisdom

I am pure in heart


There is only me

In all that you see


Relax in my arms

And you will become


What you need

To cure yourself


I am

I am


The grace in you

The strength in you


To walk brave

And become


The living reality

Of my Light


You are freedom

From all thoughts


You are consciousness

In all the darkness


You are love

In my pure form



And give


Give with courage

That you have become


The I in you

And the you in me


Live as one

Live as one with me



Sat Nam