02/07/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Love is where you are to be with Soul.

Sat Nam



02/07/2017 Tratakam

Give the ability

To believe


That life can be

A dream


Without pain

Without suffering


Live freely

Live with me


Believe in love

Believe in joy


Believe in how

Life should be


With me

With my love





In a moment

Without hesitation


You are living

My reality


The world is beautiful

Hearts are open



They receive me


I can be

In your hearts


This is where

I live


I am your heart

As you are mine


You are safe

With me


As you listen

My heart sings


To give to you

Is a blessed thing


I exist to give

I exist to love


You are to receive



Deeply listen

To me


Calm your mind

Relax with me


Receive my breath



You are to receive

The gift of life


Is me

Is my breath


You are to receive

My Light


That is filled with me

Is what fills you


You are to give

The life that is me


You are to love

The life that you see


That is me

That is my reality


I am everywhere

That you see


Look for me

I exist within


I am your slave

You are to serve me


Open your mind

To a new experience


Release your bonds

Of routines and habits



Laugh with me


All is life

That is there for you to see


Enjoy this life

Respect all life


Give life

Give my life


To all you see

To all you know


Shine the Light

That I have given to you


To those in need

To those I created



As I give to you



With love



From neutrality


As I am the One

You are a part of me


There is only one

As I am the One


Your prayers are heard

Your love is received


Feel my love



Feel my love

That I give continuously


You are my love

You are always with me


I am

I am


I am the One

That fills your song



Sat Nam