02/14/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Believe that you are bountiful, beautiful, and blissful.  Trust that Soul makes you this way.

Sat Nam



02/14/2017 Tratakam

What is your test

A test of love


A test of passion

A test of resolve


To becoming me

In your inner being


You are me

You are summoned to be


My Light

To all in sight


You are to create

The love that is me



Is my only reality


Love from purity

Love from neutrality


The type of love

That never leaves



Stay with me


I will never leave

I live in you


You can live

If you choose


In the present

In the Truth


Let go of your pain

Let go of your suffering


What others believe

Is not true


You are my heart

You are my Soul


You are the rhythm

Of the Universe


I believe in your Truth

I am the One


That knows

That gives



To you



Deeply listen


To the love

That is your heartbeat


I give you life

I give you all


Every person

Will hear this call


A call to love

A call to compassion


A reason to live

A reason to give


Is for me

I am all


When you are me

You see all


All as their Truth

They are me


You see their beauty

You see their Truth


You see beyond

This human reflection


The Light is radiating

From all


If you choose to believe

That I am in all


What you connect to

Is for you to choose


What you speak of

You will create





You create

With your decisions


Your thoughts

Your words



The world


As one drops

The rest will follow


Stand with me

And create love


As you love

You will create love


Love creates

As the unknown





Without patterns

Or delays



In its pure form


Is without words

Because it is me



In your heart


You are my saint

You are my soldier


You are here

To love all


As I love all

You are loved



Sat Nam