02/15/2017 Kirtan Kriya

Our whole life is to live through the experience of Soul.

Sat Nam



02/15/2017 Tratakam

Life is to give

Life is to receive


Life is to be

Open with me


Open your heart

Open your mind


To a new reality

To a life to be





Your life

With me


An experience

For all to be



And unchanged


Remember me

In all your thoughts


Be my prayers

Be my wishes


Give to all

As you give to me


Your humility

Is requested


To serve me

To become me


Are you prepared

Are you committed


To serve me

To serve all



Without interruption


Give your life

To me


Let go of your identity

Let go of your desires


To be one with me

To be one with all


Your life

Has been gifted


A beautiful experience

Delivered by me


Become gratitude

Become neutrality


What you receive

Is to be given to all


What are you

Are you me


Do you stay

With my Light


If you give

To receive only me


Then you receive



Then you give



I am the way

To your heart


To love openly

To love freely


You are safe

In my arms


Give your experience

Give your song


I give to you

To fill your heart


Your longing for me

Is your prayer



That I am already there


You know

That I live within


You know

That you live as One


You know

Because I give to you


All that you need

To be with me


I am your heart

I am your thoughts


In this simple form

There is so much more


Feel at home

Within this life


Feel free

From this containment



That I created



That is your life


Is to be

Pure love



As you are


When you are

In remembrance of me


With every breath

With every thought


Create my Light

In the world




Sat Nam